Edinburgh Radio Play


today we will be creating a ‘radio play’, the script is found below. Names of characters can be changed to suit and we will record and compile this with the aid of SFX both pre-recorded and self made…

MTAE Radio Play

radio tuning

Audacity Help

Help with the functions and uses of audacity can be found on this page

It may also be useful to have a look at the manual or if you are still stuck, then you could try the audacity wiki for tips and hints.

Audacity Editing Program

Try the users manual on the sourceforge site, or else have a look at other peoples tips such as these… The manual can be downloaded to keep, or else don’t forget that you can always search for audacity tips on any search engine

mp3 Encoder

To export audio files from audacity as mp3’s you must use the lame encoder. Follow the instructions on the site to apply to audacity

Creative Commons

link here to the web site for creative commons audio



Web 2.0: Reader

“In the Web 2.0 model, we have thousands of services scrutinizing each new piece of information online, grabbing interesting bits, remixing them in new ways, and passing them along to other services. Each new addition to the mix can be exploited in countless new ways, both by human bloggers and by the software programs that track changes in the overall state of the Web. Information in this new model is analyzed, repackaged, digested, and passed on down to the next link in the chain. It flows.”
Steven Johnson: Web 2.0 arrives

Software, Services
eHub - constantly updated list of web services

Selected articles
We Are the Web - Kevin Kelly, Wired Magazine, August 2005
Approaching a definition of Web 2.0 - The Social Software Weblog
What is Web 2.0 - Tim O’Reilly
Web 2.0 Arrives - Steven Johnson
Social Machines - Wade Roush, MIT Technology Review, August 2005
Web Content by and for the Masses - John Markoff, New York Times, 29. Juni 2005
Tim Berners-Lee on the read/write web - BBC News, 9. August 2005
Technologies of Cooperation - Howard Rheingold

Weblogs: Reader

“Writing a blog entry about a useful and/or interesting subject forces me to extract the salient features of the link into a two- or three-sentence elevator pitch to my readers, whose decision to follow a link is predicated on my ability to convey its interestingness to them. This exercise fixes the subjects in my head the same way that taking notes at a lecture does, putting them in reliable and easily-accessible mentalregisters.”
Cory Doctorow: My Blog, My Outboard Brain

Weblog - Wikipedia
What the hell is a weblog? - Derek M. Powazek
Weblog Definitions - Weblogs Compendium
Weblog Glossary - The Guardian

Weblogs: A History and Perspective - Rebecca Blood
The Future of Weblogging - Nico McDonald
The History of Weblogs - Dave Winer

On Permalinks and Paradigms - plasticbag.org

A Beginner’s Guide to Trackback - Movabletype

Weblog Search Engines & Indexes


Selected Articles
My Blog, My Outboard Brain - Cory Doctorow, O’Reilly

Deep Thinking about Weblogs - Andrew Grumet

Hosts & Scripts, Tools

Blog Hosting - Weblog Compendium
Blog Tools - Weblog Compendium

Free Hosting / Selection

Scripts / Selection
For installation on a server.
Wordpress - Probably the best weblog software around, can easily be extended with plugins of all kinds - etc. tagclouds, …. , free
Antville - Viennese Weblog Script, free
Moveabletype - not free

For installation on the desktop
Radio Userland

Exercise 1: Weblog features

In order to get acquainted with the weblog-format we will take 30 minutes to inspect the following weblogs. Take a close look at the individual features and the variety in which they are displayed - from timestamp, title, post, comments, categories, permalink to blogrolls, trackback, calendar and blogroll.

What’s news - Tim Berners Lee, CERN 1992
timbl’s blog - Weblog of Tim Berners Lee
Links.net - Justin Hall, 1994
Robotwisdom - Weblog of John Barger, who coined the term “weblog”
Boing Boing - a directory of wonderful things, one of the most popular blogs
Kottke.org - home of fine hypertext products
Scripting News - weblog of dave winer - a weblog pionier
Spoilt Victorian Child - an audio- or mp3-blog
Observer Blog - weblog of the british paper the observer
The Long Tail - a public diary on the way to a book
Wonkette - politics for people with dirty minds
Rising Slowly - the uk weather blog (archive)
Micropersuasion - weblog on technology, marekting and media
Stepen’s Web - Weblog on blogging and education by Stephen Downes

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